Emma ChilversEmma Chilvers, founder of leaderwithin limited is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator. In founding leaderwithin, Emma fulfilled the long held dream of starting her own company at the same time as realising her passion for helping good leaders to succeed.

Emma is a fully qualified individual and team coach and is certified to use a number of psychometric tools such as MBTI and the Leadership circle.

Emma has international experience in:

  • team coaching and development
  • group facilitation
  • leadership coaching
  • organisational change
  • vision and values
  • strategy and planning

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Fuelled by a life long love of learning, Emma continually invests in bringing new ideas and approaches to her clients.  She is naturally curious and intuitive and an addicted reader of books and articles of all kinds, often finding inspiration and resources from surprising sources.

Emma believes in fairness and justice and wants people with talent to earn their rightful place at the corporate table. She is dedicated to helping others to be passionate about their work and believes that life is too short to be miserable at what you are doing.

Emma’s career path includes:

  • Non executive board membership
  • Taking the leap into small business ownership
  • Election to partnership in a major consulting firm
  • Management consultancy
  • Corporate blue chip experience
  • Degree from Cambridge University

Emma’s philosophy on leadership is:

  • Leaders create followers
  • Leadership is about creating a purpose that is greater than your own agenda
  • Building on strengths is far more important than trying to fix weaknesses
  • Emotions are powerful when used as a force for good

I believe in using your whole brain when leading. It’s not just about intellectual intelligence, but emotional intelligence too. I help you access all of your intelligence rather than just the proportion that circumstance has left you using”

You can expect Emma to:

  • stick with you through thick and thin
  • push you to step up to the next level
  • encourage you to have the conversations you need to have, but don’t relish
  • bring her whole self into her work and be as passionate about your goals as you are
  • be professional throughout

If you would like to find out more, then please contact me.






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