Book: The Social Animal by David Brooks

New York Times Bestseller that describes how its so much more than IQ that drives what makes us successful in life.  A worthwhile read for understanding more about how your unconscious impacts upon your life and success.

Book: What really matters by Tony Schwartz

Book: What really matters by Tony Schwartz

A soup to nuts read of all of the different approaches to ‘finding your purpose’ and the story of the authors journey as he worked his way across America in search of meaning.  It may not answer the question ‘what am I here for’ but it may provide useful food for thought.

Blog: Zen habits by Leo Babuta

I recommend subscribing to the regular blog updates from this site.  Some are really quite inspirational.

HBR Blog: Peter Bregman

There are many blogs out there on the topic of leadership and personal development, but Peter Bregman’s is one of the best.   I always read his articles first.

TED Talk: Lead like the great conductors by Itay Talgram

This talk provides some leadership lessons from observing conductors and the role they play in bringing out the best from the players in an orchestra.

Book: The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes & Posner

Kouzes and Posner provide one of the simplest and best models of leadership. There is also a supporting 360 degree feedback tool that can be used to evaluate individuals against the leadership model used in this book.

TED Talk: The surprising science of motivation by Daniel Pink

Ex-lawyer Daniel Pink puts a compelling research based case as to what motivates others.  There is also an wonderful animation of this talk produced by the RSA available on youtube.

Book: The five dysfunctions of a team by Patrick Lencioni

The leadership lessons in this book are told through a fable.  It makes it easy and fun to read, albeit all too familiar at times!  However, there are one or two thoughts that have stayed with me and influenced my thinking about what good leadership looks like.  Well worth the read if you have team […]

Book: A time to think by Nancy Kline

This book has some excellent frameworks for improving business communication at the individual as well as at the team level.  One of my ‘must reads’

McKinsey Article: How centered leaders achieve extraordinary results

This article by McKinsey provides another useful model of leadership capabilities.  I particularly like the focus on meaning which is so important, but so often forgotten.


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