Case study: Helping new partners to lead

The transition from Associate to Partner is a significant change that takes time to master. We worked with our client, a leading international law firm, on leadership sessions that helped position new partners to take on a broader leadership role within the firm and strike a new balance between delivering work and winning new clients.

Case Study: Team communication and consulting skills

A dynamic digital commerce consultancy with operations in multiple geographies is challenged with rapid growth and change as well as time zone and cultural diversity in a fast paced sector.

Can we be honest about honesty?

Teams often require honesty and openness when making agreements about how to work together, but is this what they really mean?

Where have all the role models gone?

If you are looking around for role models and can’t find any, then you could fall into a nasty career-limiting trap. Here’s how to look at compiling a jigsaw of role models made up of component parts.

Who is interviewing who?

Many people let their need for acceptance run the interview process. The mindset of ‘I have to be whatever it is they are looking for’ hands the power over to the interviewer and allows their own needs to become subordinate.

Why problems matter more than answers

Recently, I’ve been observing what causes teams and groups of people to change. Having facilitated, coached, led and participated in many teams, I have noticed one essential condition that creates change in organisations. Change starts when groups of people come together to first define, explore and discuss the problem, NOT when they are simply presented […]

What can we learn from charities?

Lots.  During lunch with the CEO of a charity, I realized what a powerful lesson he could teach many business leaders. Charities rely on volunteers, fund raisers, external supporters and trustees.  They need the good will of others to achieve their aims.  In this particular charity there are 10 times as many volunteers as there […]

Should we ban the Apprentice?

Yes, or at least make it x-rated viewing.  That’s because its teaching a whole generation that good leadership means saying how ****ing brilliant I am. Series 6 of the Apprentice has just started and having given it a miss for a couple of seasons, I decided to tune in again. Here’s what some of the […]

how often should good leaders use the word ‘strategy’?

I was listening to an interview with Tim Davie, Director of Audio and Music at the BBC. This tough interview probed the BBC’s u-turn on 6 Music, executive pay levels and the perceived lack of a credible and coherent strategy for radio.

where does creativity come from?

I have noticed a quantum leap in my creativity since I stopped working as a management consultant and started my own business. I am curious about why that is. Creativity matters, and if I can get clearer on what ‘creates’ it for me, then just maybe it will create a new thought for you?


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