How I Work

My leading change coaching programme contains everything you need to succeed in creating a future for your business.

It helps you unblock whatever is getting in the way, take others with you, recover your passion and purpose so that you and your business succeed.

The programme equips you to:

  • Lead others and create a winning team that delivers results
  • Be confident in tackling difficult issues and unblock whatever or whoever is getting in the way of growing your business
  • See the conversations that really need to happen so that you can secure the future of your organisation
  • Take others with you, get everyone on board and pulling in the same direction
  • Think differently about yourself and others so that leading change becomes easier and more enjoyable
  • Boost your energy levels so that you can keep going even when it feels tough
  • Reconnect with your passion and purpose and succeed in making a difference to those around you.

My approach is special because it accesses all of your intelligence, intellectual and emotional, in order to get the results you want.


There are several principles that guide what I do:


Purpose and passion matter – great leaders have purpose and values that are more important than their own ego. They are passionate about what they are trying to do and create and communicate an inspiring vision for themselves and for those around them. Leadership is about creating followership – the leaders I work with care greatly about the success of their teams. They make work meaningful for followers and provide honest and constructive feedback that helps the team to grow.
It’s better to focus on strengths not weaknesses – good leaders accept their strengths and weaknesses as facts. Rather than worry about what they aren’t so good at, they build on their strengths and find ways to mitigate their weaknesses. Emotions are powerful when channeled as a force for good – emotions in the workplace are a sign of strength, not of weakness. Good leaders are aware of their own emotions and have the ability to channel them as a force for good.



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