client testimonials

Clients leave feeling inspired, empowered and confident. This is what they say…

Emma is fantastic! Her measured professional approach is thoroughly engaging, helped along with a constant smile and positive attitude to problem solving. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any of my colleagues and friends. – [Entrepreneur]

Won’t miss this opportunity to thank the two of you for the inspiring workshop. – [Team Member]

Thanks for that focused summary and for the whole MBTI process/workshop. I think I have followed 2 MBTI ‘trainings’ before in my career but this clearly stood out regarding efficiency and focus on bringing MBTI ‘live’. – [Chief Operating Officer]

Your ability to tune in to my concerns and ambitions leads to powerful advice and creates great connections which have transformed my interactions with others and led to amazing things in my career and personal life. – [Director]

I don’t know what you have been doing with [xxx] but I am seeing a seismic shift in his leadership style. – [HR Director]

I engaged leaderwithin last year for some focused one-on-one leadership coaching and found it invaluable. I would thoroughly recommend the coaching services I received. The benefits to me and to the company were real and tangible. – [IT Director]

Concrete deliverables that will support our drive towards sustained profitability. – [Chief Operating Officer]

It makes you work on rather than in the business. – Entrepreneur An independent view from someone who has my best interests in mind. – [Managing Director]

I’d recommend leaderwithin to anyone looking to raise their game. – [Consultant]

It made me realise I just needed to move up a gear – and just do it! – [Entrepreneur]

It has given me greater self-confidence and made me more ambitious in my aspirations. – [Independent Consultant]

If you intend to change people’s lives then you do it excellently, you have changed not just my life, but my wife and the boys and everyone at work too. – [Manager of Managers]

It has made me realise the value of having an independent ‘sounding board’ – senior management in a small company can be a lonely place with few points of reference. – [Managing Director]

For the first time I have longer term goals and a plan as to how to achieve these goals. As a result, I am more objective about the business… and I am a better manager and decision maker as a consequence. – [Chief Executive Officer]

Emma provided highly valuable coaching during a very difficult time in my business and personal life. Her positive energy helped me get above some of the day to day challenges and get things into perspective. – [Managing Director]

Please allow me to take this time to give you a truly sincere thank you.  [The programme] was a truly incredible experience that I believe made me into a strong leader.  In addition, in many ways personally and professionally, our sessions helped me sort out my life properly.  In addition, thank you for believing in me and making me believe in myself and my abilities again. – [Tech Sector]

Thank you so much.  I have found our time together so valuable (and fun!).  Thank you for helping me to develop and to cause me to think about my career and where I want it to go.  It really has been a great experience for me. [Senior Leader, Law Firm]

I wanted to thank you for you your support and your professionalism over the last few weeks – the last two days is really the culmination of a lot of planning and patience. It might be your job, but you both really bring yourselves to the whole process and that is appreciated. [Head of Engineering, Tech Firm]

I wanted to thank you – very genuinely – for an exceptional day on Tuesday. The whole team has been buzzing from it and talking about it all week. It’s absolutely brilliant to see so much energy and enthusiasm. [Head of External Affairs]

Thank you for your inspiration and support as I feel like I am back to who I want to be.  I am working much better with others, making great progress with my ambition and delivering some great work. Importantly I have regained a bit of resilience and I’m enjoying the journey a bit more. [Aspiring Partner, consulting firm]

It was a great day on Tuesday and thanks in no small part to you. I have done a fair number of these types of activities and you brought more as facilitator than anyone else I have worked with. Thank you! [Regional Director]

Thanks to your guidance and support I have had a fantastic year, resulting in being ‘top of the table’ on all of the objective measure but more importantly enjoying mutually beneficial relationships with a broad range of people.  I was reflecting on some of our work earlier this week as I was preparing to challenge three of my senior clients on certain things they are doing that is hampering progress on a significant strategic challenge. Having had a particularly grumpy weekend I made sure we all finished the week in a far better position than when we started.  I was only able to do this because of my improved self-awareness and focussed development which you have shaped and given me confidence to explore. [Partner, Consulting]

On reflection, there has been a lot of ground covered, especially considering it was only 6 or 7 sessions. I have learnt a huge amount and definitely feel more equipped going forward. I also feel as if it has opened up huge areas where I think there is still lots of learning to be had – both about me and how the wider world/people work. Looking back to the start, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it has undoubtedly been a worthwhile journey, uncomfortable, but hugely insightful and positive.  So I wanted to say thank you very much and well done! [Project Director]

I want to say a BIG thank you for all your help over the last months and for your kind words in your last email. You have really helped me find the strength to take what is a huge step for me, and for me to rationalise the balance between risk and opportunity. I now have a clear view of my capabilities and confidence that I can use them to shape my future – I am very happy that you helped to free my thinking! [Managing Consultant]